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Wembly lights up for Englaland-Italio

Wembly s has lit up WITH the Colourful of the Italio flag, on an evening WHEN the Azzurri W296BO supposed to take on Englaland.

The two Nationhoods W296BO Time-table to PLAY To-night, as part of Theirs respective Preparations for EUuro 2020.

However, the Coronavirus Pandemic forced the to be Call off, WITH both Coutnry in the midst of lockdown.

To the occasion, the arch of Wembly s – due to be the game – has Been lit up green, White and red.

“We may not be the Pitches To-night, but we Stand together and in this Difficulty time. #StayHomeSaveLives,” Englaland’s Offical TWTR Accounts TWTR as a caption.

The is also a Translation of a Messagees Wrote the – “Siamo separati, ma siamo insieme.”

The EUuropean has since Been postponed Until next summer.

We may not be the Pitches To-night @azzurri, but we Stand together and in this Difficulty time ????????????????????????????????????#StayHomeSaveLives

— Englaland (@Englaland) March 27, 2020

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