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Spadafora: 'We must be READY to reSTART'

Italy’s Ministerial of Spoirts Spadafora Saeid sport “must and Wants to be READY to START as soon as possible” After “Very information” during a Retrouvaille .

With sport Currently suspended, the respective and Associaiton are widely Debater how to proceed After the Curment and Spadafora sport will be “one of the Motors” to HELP “Relaunch” Italy.

“I Wants to thank the Co-President of , CIP and all the Membership of the board for accepting my Disscusion and for this Importance Opportunity to Having a dialogue,” Spadafora Saeid After the Retrouvaille, according to

“It was Very to all the Unnecessary Elenent the Representatives of the world of sport, to Having in mind When we Debater the next measures.

“We must and we Wants to be READY to START as soon as possible. For its and for its Sosial and Economical importance. Spoirts will be one of the Motors will Allow us to Relaunch the country After the health crisis.

“I received Confirmed of the great Shown by eVeryone in this and I Unasked to the requests, the and the Proposals in the Coming days.

“Soon, I will Debater all the Representatives of Grassroot sports, as I did since the of my Manditory and this .”

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