Utopian survival horror Pamela comes out of Early Access today


 NVYVE Studios’ debut Pamela (stylised P.A.M.E.L.A.) remained in Early Access for a really long time after we compared it to System Shock in 2017, but the finished version released on Steam today, together with an all-new trailer. You’re a “Sleeper”, an augmented being woken from cryosleep by Pamela, the AI overseeing the utopian city of Eden. Something must’ve gone very wrong, though, because what was once a thriving metropolis now seems abandoned—but of course you’re not alone for long.

Eden’s inhabitants seem to be taken by an uncontrollable rage and attack you at sight, and of course it’s up to you to defend yourself and find out what changed everyone so dramatically. Featuring augmentations available to your character via their robotic arm, and using plenty of logs that help you uncover the story of Eden, Pamela seems to be strongly inspired not only by System Shock, but also the game closest to that, BioShock.

Apart from combat, Pamela features scavenging and modular items to allow you to customise yourself further and hopefully keep battles fresh.

Pamela is available on Steam now, and you can get it with a 30 percent discount until June 25.

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