The Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w’s Toner Cartridges Cost Less Than A Pizza

Printers are a necessary evil. Like it or not, though, we need them.  At some point, everyone needs to print something. 

A term paper for a university course. A character sheet for an upcoming game. A contract for a professional client. Financial information for an important meeting. 

The problem is that more often than not, printers, even modern ones, almost aren’t worth the effort required to operate them. We’ve all dealt with cumbersome setup processes to countless paper jams and error messages. And do we even need to get into the exorbitant pricing of printer cartridges?

The HP Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w exists as an answer to these problems. Although it’s technically part of HP’s Neverstop line of printers, it’s also the first printer of its kind in the United States. A cartridge-free toner tank multi-function printer, it’s an excellent option whether a business owner or a professional who’s working remotely. 

(Image credit: HP)

Right out of the box, the Neverstop contains enough toner to print 5000 pages – up to seven times that of most other laser printers on the market. Best of all, new toner refill kits for the Neverstop are made of recycled material and cost only $16, containing enough toner for a further 2500 pages. That’s less than the price of a pizza, and a fraction of what other toner replacements cost.

Cost isn’t the only thing that’s exciting about the HP Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w, though. It also eliminates all the frustrations common with other laser printers. Setup, for instance, requires only that you install the HP Smart App and follow the on-screen prompts.

In addition to providing a guided setup, the HP Smart App turns your smartphone into a printing and scanning hub. Using your phone’s camera, the app offers professional-level scan quality with automatic edge detection. You can scan and send multi-page documents right to the printer, and also print and save via email or a wide range of cloud apps.

(Image credit: HP)

The HP Smart App also features the Smart Tasks functionality, which allows you to automate your most frequently-used printing and scanning jobs, saving you both time and energy over the course of the day. 

We usually tend to think of print technology as a necessary evil rather than a useful tool. The Neverstop Laser Tank 1202w is proof positive that it doesn’t have to be that way. Efficient, intuitive, and with a cost of less than a penny a page, it’s everything a printer should be. 

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