The impressive-looking Project Athia, teased at the PS5 event, is coming to PC

A teaser for Project Athia—a working title—was shown at Sony’s PS5 event today. In addition to all the questions we have about Project Athia (such as “What’s Project Athia?”), we wondered if it was a PS5 exclusive or if it’d be on PC, too.

Well, Square Enix has confirmed it is indeed coming to PC. That’s great news! Hopefully it’ll be followed by some news about what exactly Project Athia is, sometime soon.

Square Enix describes it as “an other-worldly adventure” in “a world filled with beauty and dismay,” and that it’s being developed by Luminous Productions, a new studio. The official website doesn’t give us much more to go on, stating, as the teaser does, that “Truths will be questioned and devotions will be doubted.” At least we don’t have to doubt it’ll be on PC, so that’s something.

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