Ghostrunner developers debut more of their neon ninja in new trailer

Cyberpunk freerunning and freestabbing game Ghostrunner looked great in a demo earlier this year, and it’s looking a lot more exciting in the new trailer debuted today at the Future Games Show, which shows off some new gameplay and delves into a cyberspace level, one where you’re interacting with a digital environment. With a sword. Gives new meaning to the word hacking, doesn’t it?

Ghostrunner is certainly one to look forward to if you mourn the wallrunning days of Titanfall 2 or Mirror’s Edge. The game is about the single remaining human settlement, a massive tower, after a global catastrophe. Peoples’ social class in the tower is determined by their implants, and the structure is ruled over by someone called The Architect. Players are a Ghostrunner, who jumps between reality and cyberspace to climb the tower and figure out all manner of neon mysteries.

It’s kind of like Snowpiercer but more neon and instead of forward you go up and have a sword, and, OK, it’s not actually very much like Snowpiercer other than the social stratification. Maybe I should have compared it to Land of the Dead.

You can check out Ghostrunner on its official website and on its Steam store page. 

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