Fortnite Season 3 map guide: Every new location and change

Fortnite Season 3 is here, along with a brand new waterlogged map. Many of your favorite locations are now underwater, and a few new locations have taken stage above the waves. The latest event saw a massive wall of water change things up, and we’ve taken the dive into every new location so you don’t have to.

It’s worth noting that Epic has stated that the map will continue to change over the course of the season. The water will recede and eventually reveal new or changed locations, which we have to imagine is why underwater swimming still hasn’t been added as a mechanic, because that would just ruin the surprise.

Fortnite Season 3 map: Every new location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortilla

(Image credit: Epic Games)

This hulking monstrosity can be seen in the Fortnite Season 3 trailer, and arguably serves as Season 3’s main attraction. It’s a giant Water World-esque society built out of rickety sheet metal, with one large central tower surrounded by several tertiary installations, including a small “mall.” A series of ziplines stationed around the edges of the area will help you get around more quickly if you can’t find a boat.

You’ll find the Fortilla in the southwest corner of the map.

The Authority

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Taking the place of the Agency in the center of the map, the Authority is a much more menacing building surrounded by what basically looks like a fortified castle wall. You’ll find a helicopter pad a few floors up, and ziplines leading into and out of the area at each corner. Good thing, too, since the area is littered with guard NPCs. Also, peep the Shadow faction flag, taking the place of all the Ghost faction signage.

The Giant Whirlpool

fortnite season 3 map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It’s not a named POI, but it’s inescapably huge. This giant whirlpool in the northwest area of the map doesn’t really do much yet. All I’ve seen is that if you swim or drive a boat over it, it’ll launch you into the air a fair distance, like the smaller whirlpools scattered around the map. All that said, I’d bet every last V-buck I have that Epic uses the whirlpool to tease some future event or map change.

Rickety Rig

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Taking the place of the, let’s admit it, equally rickety Rig of Season 3, Rickety Rig is already a pretty trashy location, just a stone’s throw from the Fortilla. Expect this location to be a secondary retreat point for anyone who feels outgunned at the Fortilla.

Catty Corner

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The box factory that became Meowscles’ hangout (after Deadpool kicked him off the yacht) has now been upgraded to a proper bachelor pad. The interior of the main building is still fairly factory-ish, but with a few tools laying around, you’ve got Meowscles’ quarters, and even some sort of giant cat tree installation. You’ll find it in the southeast portion of the map.

Fortnite Season 3 map: changed locations

Plenty of familiar locations in Fortnite Season 3 have received a very moist makeover. With the water levels rising, most of these areas have become partially drowned in water, making for an interesting traversal challenge.

Frenzy Farm

fortnite season 3 map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Of all the landmarks on the Fortnite map, Frenzy Farm has managed to survive pretty well compared to others. Now everything is on floating platforms, like some sort of goofy hydroponics farm. The plantation house is now raised above the water level, though the big red barn didn’t seem to make it all that well.

Pleasant Park

fortnite season 3

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Pleasant Park has been pretty significantly changed. All the houses are still standing, just now on raised floating platforms, and dotting the landscape are some bounce pads that will help you stay above the water.

Steamy Stacks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Steamy Stacks is also now waterlogged, with the vast majority of the parking lot and facilities completely submerged. The closer you get to the stacks, the more that’s survived, but this will certainly reduce its favor when it comes to loot collecting.

Brutus’ Basin/Dirty Docks

(Image credit: Epic games)

The area formerly known as the Grotto is now 100% submerged in water, save for a small sliver of the skull rock formation in the cliff outside. Similarly, Dirty Docks is also completely submerged. There’s no getting into these locations until Epic decides to recede the water a bit, but we’ll bet that means they’ve got something special planned for the Basin.

Sweaty Sands

(Image credit: Epic Games)

More like s-wet-y sands, am I right? OK, fine, anyway this fan favorite location has actually been expanded a bit, with main street being widened out. It’s still all covered in water, so you’ll be traversing docks and raised platforms and whatnot, and the beach has been replaced with rock. Sandals optional.

Other locations

The Fortnite map has a number of other smaller locations that are either waterlogged or relatively new additions, though they’re certainly not big enough to merit their own entry. Risky Reels, for instance, is as waterlogged as any other location, with nothing but a sign sticking out of the water. We’ll be adding more locations to the list as we fill out the map and get more familiar with our surroundings.

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