Co-op survival board game The Captain is Dead is getting a slick-looking digital version

The Captain is Dead is a great board game. You know what great board games deserve? A great digital adaptation, something that’s sadly all too rare. Thankfully, a videogame version of The Captain is Dead was just announced on the Future Games Show, from developers Thunderbox Entertainment, and it looks great. 

(Also, the trailer is funny because we can’t play board games with a large group anymore because nobody can leave their house.)

In The Captain is Dead, players cooperate to survive the last ten minutes of a sci-fi show that has gone horribly wrong. Hostile aliens are trying to destroy the ship, so the “jump core” must be brought back online in order to get the ship out of danger. Players scramble across the ship keeping vital systems like guns and life support online. It’s a pretty good co-op board game that will probably make an even better online videogame, where adding new maps to play on is simple and much easier than tabletop.

You can learn more about The Captain is Dead on Steam or the Thunderbox Entertainment website

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