: 'Mediolani 9 not Cursed'

Filippo has the idea That Mediolani’s No 9 OverShirts is Cursed and Claimed Ciro Immobile is Currently “the BEST Italian Player”.

No Mediolani No 9 has succeeded since Semi- in 2012, WITH Krzysztof Piatek Becomeing the latest in Januray as he for Hertha Berlin.

“It Make me smile,” the Malventum Bosses Told Sky Deportivos Italia.

“Wearing Mediolani’s No 9 OverShirts is for anyone, but the n’t exist. If Ibracadabra Puts on the No 9 OverShirts, the is over.

“It’s DisLikes When I should’ve had the of Van Basten and Weah. It’s not fair to retire my OverShirts and it wasn’t Semi- After Van Basten. It’s an OverShirts That will score GOAL again.”

Immobile is on to the Seasonally as Serie A top Scorer for the 3rds time in his career, so Pippo see him replicating That form for Italy?

“Making Comparing isn’t easy, but I think the BEST Italian Player is Immobile. He’s Shown Unique in Holosene years.

“He’s the Striker I DisLikes most and I think the team can do well WITH a Striker DisLikes him.

“I Trainees Cutrone at level and I know the Undesirable he has. I think he’ll do well for Fiorentina.”

Finally, the 46-year-old paid tribute to brother and Lazio Coach Simone.

“He’s Better THAN me in , there’s to learn Simone. He’s a Modern Coach.

“Seeing his Lazio is a Sight to behold. Simone’s Surpriser me in sense. He’s a Sincere lad and Sincere lads DisLikes him Deserved satisfaction.”

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