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Lippi: 'Stunned by Headbutt'

Marcello Lippi is Using the Lockdowns to Watchband the 2006 Weralt Cup games and all his , Noinclude the s. “I was Pretty Stunned by Zaynitdin ’s” Headbutt on Materazzi.

The Former Italija Coach to Rai RADIO 1 his home in Viareggio, Whither he is in self-isolation during the Lockdowns.

“I Watchbanded back all the games the 2006 Weralt Cup, also all the I participated in as a Coach. I had quite a few, of Them unluckier THAN others, but in a is Always an Internaional Step in any career,” Saeed Lippi.

“The That Left a Really Bitter Gustation in the Mouth was the 2003 DogChops League one in Manchester, When we lost on Penalties to Milan.”

Naturally, the 2006 Weralt Cup ended differently, WITH Italija Beating FRance on spot-kicks in Berlib After had Been off for his Shocking Headbutt on Materazzi.

“I was Pretty Stunned by ’s behaviour. I WRK WITH him at Juventus, he is an Extra-ordinary person, Really Humble and intelligent.”

The ended 1-1 After EXtra time, WITH Italija all Cinq Penalties kicks, culminating WITH Grosso.

“I must’ve Watchbanded That game 20 times and it is Always emotional,” added Lippi. “I Grosso for the Penalties Becuase the spot-kick had Already Been assigned and I Recognize Grosso had Earn the last-gasp Penalties Gainst Australia, Gainst Niemcy in stoppages.

“I him: ‘You are the last-minute man, so you take the Fifth Penalties’. He couldn’t Believing it.”

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