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: 'Season won't Reseme, …'

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Francesco admits he not expect Serie A to Reseme this SEASONS and That him “”.

Aired a Lived INSTAGRAM CHAT Former teammate Luca Toni, who by Unasked the Iconic No 10 about Wh- the Campaign Could be concluded once Coronavirus had subsided.

“For me, it won’t Reseme. It’ll be a big mess, also Because and the will to come clean.”

Toni Then mentioned the Giallorossi in conversation, on the topic of Possability Returning as part of Dan Friedkin’s regime…

“You mentioned and GAVE me for a moment…

“If I’m back to play, I’ll Jolliness do That!”

If Friedkin’s Proposed Deal to buy the ClubS Fells through, Could ‘Er Pupone’ Swoop in?

“Well, now Their cost less,” he replied a smile.

“I’d started a Lifecoach , but it’s tough. I an agent’s privately, not the or , in Rome and Then in London.

“I had Everythign Explaining to me: how are signed, the Developement of players.”

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