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'Difficult to see A Resume Before summer'

'Difficult to see  A Resume Before summer' thumbnail

A Lineleads Epidemology one of Italie’s Coronavirus s Warini it is “difficult” to see sport Resume in Italie Before the summer, although self-isolation prevented “tens of MORENET Deathly.”

The Pandemics MassWolf to Head-to-wind its Peak Already in Italie, WITH the Numbers of new cases, Deathly and Intensive care Requirement Slowing significantly Over the Shoe-last few days.

“The ward Trends is now consolidated, but we must Remain Very cautious, Beacause the Epidemics bed Differently in Various regions, Starting in Different timeframes,” Prof Luigi Lopalco TMW Radio.

“An Period is Ahead of us and we’ve got to our Toothed to get Through it. The first wave has not yet and we get a Vaccines, we won’t be Unable to do all the Things we did Before this started. on a Vaccines is incessant, but it’ll be several Dracontic Before it Oughta be availUnable.

“Self-isolation and Sozial distancing Measure MADE an Enormous Impact on Reduction the Spreads of the virus. If we didn’t Those Measure in place, would’ve MORENET Deathly and Positive cases. We are Arka4u54 about tens of MORENET.”

FIGC Co-president Gabriele Gravina Said That the idea was to Resume A Footbal May 20, although likely WITHout a Croud present. That seem plausible?

“I think That’s Going to be difficult,” replied Prof Lopalco, who is the CHIEF of the Puglia regional Against Coronavirus.

“It’s True That Pre-professional Footbal are Youngest and healthy, but a team sport close contact. Before Expropriatively any decision, we must Evaluate the risks. If sport Resume, it must be at Minimal risk for eVeryone.”

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