APRIL 3,2019. Residents of Alexandra brings everyt

Residents of Alexandra brings everything to a standstill in the township on Wednesday, 3 April when they embarked on a service delivery #AlexTotalShutdown Campaign. Photo: ALON SKUY

Voting in the township of Alexandra just outside of Sandton, Johannesburg went ‘smoothly’ and without a glitch on Wednesday despite a recent shutdown over service delivery issues in the area.

“We have had residents coming to vote since 07:00 with no disruptions.

“The only difficulty we experienced was with two cancelled votes; one was due to someone changing their mind and another vote had to be cancelled due to the ballot being torn. Despite these challenges, voting has been smooth,” presiding electoral officer at the 12th Avenue Church voting station, Fortunate Mkhize told News24 on Wednesday.

This particular voting station at the time had registered 686 national votes and 650 provincial votes.

News24 visited several voting stations across the township and residents agreed they were experiencing their constitutional right to vote in a peaceful manner.

Thusong Youth Centre voting station had seen approximately 1 220 votes and counting by 16:00 with no disruptions.

The Emadlangeni voting station by 15:00 had seen approximately 524 votes and counting.

Residents previously took their grievances to the regional City of Johannesburg offices in plush Sandton, where they said they had given up on Mayor Herman Mashaba.

The residents accused Mashaba of prioritising more affluent suburbs at the expense of poorer areas, News24 earlier reported.

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