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The Electoral Commission of South Africa has declared the results of the country’s 6th democratic national and provincial election free and fair. See how the announcement unfolded.

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RAMAPHOSA’S FULL SPEECH: ‘This election confirms that freedom does indeed reign in South Africa’

Twenty five ago, millions of our people exercised their democratic
right to vote for the very first time – and in doing so set our country
firmly on a path of freedom and progress.

Their actions represented the fulfilment of a solemn pledge made
decades before in the Freedom Charter, which said that: “No government
can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of all the
people.” That first vote was a tribute to the heroic struggles waged by
successive generations of gallant women and men, to the hardships they
endured and to the sacrifices they were prepared to make for our
freedom. Today – 25 years later – we are here at the invitation of the
Independent Electoral Commission to witness the announcement of the
official results of the sixth democratic general election.

Having observed millions of our people casting their votes patiently,
enthusiastically and peacefully three days ago, we now have a greater
appreciation of what President Nelson Mandela meant during his
inauguration on 10 May 1994 when he said:

“Let freedom reign. The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement.”

Ramaphosa quotes Mandela after winning SA vote: ‘Freedom does indeed reign in SA’

President Cyril Ramaphosa commended South Africans and the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) as the country closes a chapter on the 6th national elections.

Ramaphosa, delivered the keynote address at the IEC’s results announcement ceremony at the Tshwane showgrounds on Saturday evening.

He quoted South Africa’s first democratic president, the late Nelson Mandela during his inauguration in May of that year: “Let freedom reign. The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement,” read Ramaphosa, as he praised millions who went to voting stations to participate in the national democratic elections.

“Many of our people braved the rain and cold to cast the ballot that will determine the future of our country,” he said.

‘It was the most complex, highly contested since 1994’ IEC on 2019 elections

The rise of social media added a layer of oversight to the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s voting process during this year’s election, commission CEO Sy Mamabolo said during his speech on Saturday evening. Speaking at the announcement of the final results in Pretoria, Mamabolo said these elections were the “most complex, highly contested and logistically demanding” since the dawn of democracy.

Lots of applause as Ramaphosa is called to the stage.

He says 25 years ago millions of people exercised their democratic right.

“25 years later we are here at the invitation of the IEC to observe the results of the 6th administration.

“Freedom and democracy does indeed reign in South Africa.

“This week the people of SA have had their way, pays his respects to two families who lost their loved ones on Election Day.”

Ramaphosa also praises the IEC, SAPS, defense force and home affairs staffers.

He also thanks leaders of other political parties and admits there were lots of harsh words exchanged and contestation among parties. – Tshidi Madia

What the 6th Parliament will look like

With all votes counted, parties will now look to fill their seats in the Sixth Parliament.

The ANC, with just over 10 million votes, secured 230 seats in the Sixth Parliament. The ruling party did however lose 19 seats.

The DA also lost 5 seats, having won 84 seats in 2019 elections compared to the 89 seats they won in 2014.

The EFF almost doubled their Parliament presence, going from 25 to 44 seats after getting 1.8 million votes in the 2019 elections.

Western Cape:


FF Plus – 1

ACDP – 1

GOOD – 1

EFF- 2

ANC – 21

DA – 24

North West:

FF Plus – 2

DA – 4

EFF- 6

ANC – 21


FF Plus – 1

DA – 3

EFF- 4

ANC – 22

Free State:

FF Plus – 1

EFF – 4

DA – 6

ANC – 19


ATM – 1

ACDP – 1

MF – 1

NFP – 1

EFF – 8

DA – 11

IFP – 13

ANC – 44

Northern Cape:

FF Plus – 1

EFF – 3

DA – 8

ANC – 18


FF Plus – 1

DA – 3

EFF – 7 

ANC – 38


ACDP – 1

IFP – 1

FF Plus – 2

EFF – 11

DA – 20

ANC – 37

IEC chairperson Glen Mashinini is now announcing the results of the 2019 elections, starting with seat in the Eastern Cape:

ATM – 1

FF Plus – 1


EFF – 5

DA – 10

ANC – 44

South Africa remains a shining beacon of democracy

The results of South Africa’s 6th democratic national and provincial election has been declared free and fair

IEC Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo says these elections have been the most complex, highly contested polls in SA’s history. “We’ve come through these elections as a stronger institution, a stronger country”.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has just arrived

The Electoral Commission of South Africa is about to brief the nation on the vote results.

The margin of the ANC’s election victory is within the range anticipated by most analysts and has buoyed financial markets.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is now expected to implement structural reforms to revive an economy that has expanded by less than 2% annually for the past four years.

Duarte says they have agreed to the audit of results put forward by
smaller parties and are awaiting the outcome.

They look forward to the
IEC’s response. While it’s unfortunate that there has been an objection,
they do need the answers they ask for, says Duarte.

SG Ace Magashule says SA’s democracy is maturing and is evident in the 48 parties
contesting elections.

This is a wake up call for the party to continue

Once they have analysed their results they will have another
press conference where they will present facts.

The ANC say they are happy with results because they came from a low
base. Looking at where they were in 2016, they have gone up. The party
says this is a huge boost of confidence.

The party, says Duarte, needs to correct their mistakes and move quickly
to deal with corruption and take the country on a high path of growth
and development.

Duarte: This election has been about an ANC that people want. They want
an ANC that is united and in its unity remains true to the values and
principles on which it was founded.

The party commits to a sustained programme of renewal to stem
selfishness. They have no doubt that a lot still has to be done and
are humbled by the messages sent by the people.

Duarte says they will improve their services, build infrastructure and
create jobs. The party is pleased with their results in the Northern Cape which
oppositions claimed they would win. In Gauteng the party received the
majority of votes.

ANC’s Jessie Duarte says south Africans have consolidated their gains to
freedom. South Africans have risen to the occasion and demonstrated
that out democracy is maturing. Citizens have put their trust in ANC to
lead people to a better life.

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