Armed with a pair of gloves from a hair dyeing kit, a Cape Town estate agent who had gone to show a house in Table View instead used her past veterinary nurse skills to help a woman give birth to a healthy baby.

“I have lost count of how many animals I had brought into the world, but a human baby? I am still recovering. I am overwhelmed,” a modest Kim Hansen told News24 on Saturday, still incredulous that she had used her knowledge to deliver the boy while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Hansen arrived at the house on Friday for a 16:00 viewing and while showing the potential buyers the property, she heard “gut-wrenching screams” coming from one of the granny flats.

Suggesting that her clients rather return some other time, she saw them off before trying to find out from the frantic elderly homeowners what was causing the commotion.

“The man said he was trying to call an ambulance. When I went to look what was happening, I found the domestic worker standing on her feet, in the process of giving birth in the bathroom,” Hansen said.

“The baby was halfway out. Knowing what I know about the ambulance service in this country, I realised that the baby would be born before they even got there. So I told myself, ‘Get your shit together, Kim’.”

And that’s what she did.

“As an ex-veterinary nurse, I asked myself how much different could it be to give birth to a human? I requested gloves and the only ones they had was form a hair dye kit. It was good enough because we managed to deliver a beautiful baby boy.”

She tied the newborn’s umbilical cord with a piece of string before cutting it because clothing pegs had not been tight enough.

“I didn’t panic because I told myself that God was with me. He was a bit small, but his colouring looked fine. I checked his vitals, patted him on the back, got the mucus out of his mouth and there he was: a very healthy baby,” Hansen said proudly.

The grateful mom thanked her repeatedly before the ambulance arrived to take her to hospital.

“It was divine intervention – I was meant to be there. I would never leave someone who was in need of help,” Hansen maintained.

“It was a blessing to have been part of this; I am humbled.”

The new mom is in need of financial assistance, and Hansen appealed to those able to donate anything from diapers to money for a doctor’s appointment to contact Trust Property via their Facebook page.

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