DA election poster

DA election poster using Mandela’s name. (Ntwaagae Seleka, News24)

The Mandela royal house has slammed the DA’s latest election poster “honouring” Mandela, saying the DA is “abusing the Mandela name and legacy to further their own narrow class interests”. 

The words “Honour Mandela’s vision to build one South Africa for all” are emblazoned on a new billboard, which was unveiled by party leader Mmusi Maimane last Friday. The billboard is displayed outside a building along Pritchard Street in the Johannesburg CBD.

News24 previously reported that Maimane said he was not worried about whether the billboard would aggrieve the governing party. Instead, the opposition party’s leader challenged the ANC to a debate if they were pained by the advertisement.

Maimane was also quoted saying the billboard speaks about a South Africa for all and its values and principles achieved after 1994.

In a statement released by Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela on Monday, the royal house labelled the DA “opportunists who stand united with apartheid Israel”.  

“The Royal House of Mandela is unequivocal in its position that those who stand united with apartheid Israel, as [Mmusi] Maimane and the DA do, are no friends of the Mandela legacy. 

“Those entrusted with custodianship of the Mandela name and legacy cannot remain silent whilst such travesties are perpetrated in Madiba’s name,” the statement reads.

It goes on to say “the DA is highly opportunistic to campaign in president Mandela’s name while totally disregarding our global icon’s own position about who represents the interests of the people of South Africa and who has been able to represent the majority of South Africans since the dawn of democracy”. 

“The ANC has been the only political party to govern as a majority party in South Africa’s history; it is a party of true unity, not unity of slogans and false claims,” it adds.

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