Former president and ANC deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe is the latest veteran leader to come out asking South Africans to give the political party another chance to lead the country when they vote in just 12 days’ time.

Motlanthe, like his predecessor Thabo Mbeki on Tuesday, paid a visit to the ANC’s displays at the Rand Easter Show, signing a declaration that he would vote for the party on May 8. He also had a short engagement with journalists.

“[The] Leadership of the ANC is well aware that it can no longer postpone the responsibility to confront its weaknesses and correct them,” said Motlanthe.

He praised current ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that party gatherings would start on time. Ramaphosa surprised many, including party members and the media at the January 8 celebrations in 2018 when he not only arrived at the stadium early, but delivered his address on time.

“We started off on a very positive note, when the president said all meetings and events of the ANC will start on time, just punctuality is a major step in the right direction,” said the ANC veteran.

“If you advertise a meeting starts at 9 o’clock and you roll in at 11 o’clock, it doesn’t show seriousness, so there are a number of steps that have been taken which indicate that yes, indeed we are in a better space,” he continued.

Past 9 years not all bad

Responding to a question from News24, Motlanthe spoke about whether the ANC and the country under Zuma were “all bad”. He said the past nine years had successes and failures.

“To say it’s just wasted years in absolute terms, it’s not correct and to say they were rosy years in absolute terms is not correct,” said Motlanthe.

He repeated that the years were characterised by success, failures and weaknesses.

“That’s why we have processes of various commissions which are laying bare some of the things that went wrong – not only during the past nine years but even before,” said the former president.

Motlanthe also promised that the country would see a very different ANC after the May 8 elections, saying it would be more in touch with communities.

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